In our discussions with cryptocurrency experts, investors, and tech enthusiasts, one question often arises: Why have we chosen to develop on the Minima blockchain instead of other, more established blockchains? Recognizing the validity of this inquiry, we’re taking this opportunity to delve deeper into our decision in this blog post.

From their website, let’s see how they define Minima:

“Minima is a blockchain and peer-to-peer network designed to be accessible to as many people as possible by making it compact enough to run on mobile and IoT devices. It is complete, quantum resistant and secured by every single one of its users.

The Minima network will enable people or devices to exchange value or information directly and securely, without third party interference. Minima has no centre of control, as each user – by simply downloading a mobile app – contributes to the network as an equal participant.

The Minima blockchain uses the Minima coin as its currency. It is a store of value and medium of exchange, enabling peer-to-peer value transfer to any participant on the Minima network.”

Our decision to build on Minima is driven by several unique benefits it offers, aligning closely with our objectives:

    • Real Censorship Resistance: With each user operating a full node, typically on a smartphone, Minima’s global network of millions of nodes is virtually unstoppable, barring extreme scenarios. Which blockchain can have millions of nodes all over the world? Who can turn off this type of blockchain? Well, maybe an alien virus destroying the Internet itself 😊, but you see our point.

  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: Utilizing quantum-resistant cryptography and allowing users to run their own nodes ensures transactions remain private and untraceable. Remember that case where the default proxy of a famous wallet was (is) collecting IP addresses of its users? Well, with Minima that is not possible.
  • Low Network Quality Operations: Minima’s efficiency in environments with poor connectivity aligns with our mission to offer financial freedom and self-sovereignty universally.
  • Minimal (virtually zero) Transaction Fees: As a Proof of Work (PoW) network without mining incentives (each smartphone acts as a miner), Minima enables feeless or low-fee transactions.
  • Comprehensive Blockchain Features: Minima supports scalability, smart contracts, custom tokens, NFTs, and is open source, covering all the bases we expect from a robust blockchain platform.
  • Extremely low carbon footprint: Minima nodes primarily operate on smartphones, leveraging a Proof-of-Work model with significantly lower power consumption compared to traditional blockchains that rely on mining or extensive server infrastructure for Proof-of-Staking. This efficiency positions Minima as an exceptionally eco-friendly blockchain solution.

Moreover, Minima’s team is exceptional. Their expertise, readiness to assist, and shared vision greatly influence our choice.

Does this mean exclusive development on Minima? Not necessarily. We’re open to exploring multi-chain solutions based on specific needs. However, Minima is our primary platform for now, offering a gateway to numerous innovative projects across various domains. If you did not know about them, I encourage you to have a look at their extensive documentation.

That’s a wrap for this post! We’re keen to hear your thoughts and encourage you to reach out with any comments or questions.